SEO Secrets

1. Link Density

I came up with the idea of link density, similar to keyword density. It is stated as a percentage of the number of words on the page. So if you have 10 external links, and 2000 words on your page, you would have a link density of 0.5% As of yet, we have not figured out what the best link density is.

2. Keywords Meta Tag

Most SEOs teach not to bother with the keywords meta tag as the engines ignore them. They are wrong... Google looks at your keywords tag and can detect if the words are honest or not. If the words are honest Google notices that, and it could contribute to a better ranking. So at the worst, Google will ignore the tag, and at the best, they will give a bit of weight to your keywords tag.

3. Every Important Page in it's Own Folder

Always put every important web page in its own folder. So instead of use as it makes the URL more attractive, and makes the page sound more important. Also, don't link to the index.html page, but rather link to the folder that contains it.

4. Title Attribute

The experts recommend using the alt attribute on images. I want to take it one step further; you should also use the title attribute as it creates a tooltip when you hover over the image. Google looks at the title attribute for keywords. Here is an example: <img src="logo.png" alt="Logo" title="This is a sample tooltip!">
This is a sample tooltip!

5. Link to Us Sections

Every important web page should have a "Link to Us" at the bottom of the page. This offers visitors the HTML to link to you, which makes it easier for them to do so. You can get the HTML/JavaScript/CSS for this here: Link-to-us Code

6. Email Address

The search engines look at your posted email address to see if it uses your domain name. For example, use instead of Websites using their domain in their email address rank better than those without. Besides that, it is more professional to do this.

7. Content Delivery Networks (CDN)

CDNs speed up your page loading time. The engines can detect if you use one. Sites using a CDN rank better than sites without. If you want to try a CDN, I suggest you try:

8. Paid Advertising

Web pages that pay money to advertise on Bing and Google get a better organic ranking. The logic is, people with a poor quality web page would not pay for ads. So pay Google and Microsoft and you will get more organic visitors from their search engines.

9. Google Adsense

Web pages with Adsense ads posted on them will get more organic traffic due to this. Google rewards web pages with ads on them which can actually improve their ranking. See, Google makes money from your ads and so do you, so you will get a slightly better ranking if you subscribe to Adsense.
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